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Citizen Needs©

The 15 minute-city concept made tangible to answer citizen proximity needs.

Healthcare services

Visualize your service and proximity offer and identify gaps in economic development

Neighborhood access to
essential services

Walkability scores

Service catchment areas

Proximity and density of local services and infrastructure.

Get a fresh look at the distribution of services

Recent revolutions in urban logistics and mobility have changed citizens’ behaviors and cities need to adapt the economic and urban landscape accordingly. Citizen Needs by Urban Radar gives brand new insights to Urban Planners on the proximity of cities’ goods and services to answer core citizens’ needs.

Educational institutions

Centralize data for a complete inventory

Aggregate multiple data about public and private services, shops and infrastructure.

Public services planning

Fire stations, garbage and recycling facilities, hospitals, police stations, public restrooms… Visualize and quickly identify the missing elements.

Amenities density

Drive local economic growth

Citizen Needs gives economic development teams valuable insights into current activities and businesses within a given area.

Improve territorial equity and sustainability

Support neighborhood-level planning strategies to guarantee equal access to goods and services.

Territorial equity