Shared mobility unlocks an urban revolution never seen before. It’s happening fast.

Shared mobility operators and Cities experience friction sometimes. It’s normal.

So we’ve created Urban Radar to accelerate shared mobility growth by facilitating better public private partnerships.

Urban Radar is a third party technology platform to connect the urban disconnect.

We are operator agnostic and operate in cities and communities of all size and all around the world.

Urban Radar

An independent third-party visualization, data analytics and AI solution to provide cities with clear mobility data insights

Data Aggregation

Urban Radar aggregates mobility and infrastructure data from multiple sources into one unique smart city platform. 

Automated Contract Management

Urban Radar provides alerts and reports. We removes the need to allocate public sector resources for tedious contrat management

Vizualization and Analytics

Urban Radar provides management and transportation planning insights with a focus to improve safety and social inclusion

Recommendation of Actions

Urban Radar uses data science to recommend actions that helps cities meet their safety, social includion, congestion or air quality improvement goals. 

Our Technology

We are currently recruiting 5 cities to help us tailor Urban Radar’s platform to diverse use cases. Cities or Operators : apply by August 15th to join our pilot program*

* subject to local regulations