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About us

Urban Radar offers data visualization and analytics. We help to inform cities’ decisions about all aspects of city life, from mobility to land use the environmental.

We also work with businesses to provide tailor-made insights that help them improve operational and environmental performance, make strategic decisions and better align with city goals.

Trusted by city planners in more than 50 cities, towns and regions in Europe

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Hear what our clients have to say

Martin Skjold Grøntved

National Data Agency - Denmark

I’ve never seen such modular and intuitive technology before.

Raül Feliu

Business Creation Manager - Barcelona

Urban Radar’s solution has proven to be able to address the logistics and street management challenges that the city of Barcelona and many other European cities are currently facing.

Julie Hodez

Smart City Director - Versailles

I am amazed by the capacity of the Urban Radar platform. You give us analyses never reached before and that we can immediately share for action both with our elected officials and the management of the road network.

No data science skills needed

Urban Radar’s technology allows you to drag and drop your data. Data is not only shown geographically but also through clear and simple visualizations, allowing you to reveal hidden trends and patterns.


We make cities more efficient and greener with an intuitive and scalable product. No technical expertise necessary.

Effortless strategic planning and policy implementation

Our solution is tailored to your area of focus, whether it be curb management, mobility or sustainability. 

Our platform exports analytics in multiple formats (GIS, XLS or PDF) so you can share information with colleagues and external stakeholders.

Take action to improve livability, strengthen the local economy and meet climate goals

Urban Radar allows you to follow policy indicators, measure impact of policies and enable real-time adjustments. Our data tools help implement decarbonization strategies for logistics and proximity policies answering citizen needs.

Solutions we build

for and with cities


Inform strategic planning with real-time and predictive data.


Better allocate and tailor public space for what it is most needed in order to improve mobility.

Capital Investment

Maximize social return on investment, avoiding unnecessary costs and promoting economic development.

Urban Logistics

Optimize urban freight loading and unloading, get rid of road conflicts, improving efficiency and safety.

Shared Mobility

Implement effective mobility management and innovative sustainable transportation strategies.


Improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.

Why Urban Radar?

Intuitive and scalable

Safe and secure

Collaborative platform