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Urban Logistics©

Benefit from a global vision of local delivery activity to adapt curb policies and aims for sustainable urban logistics.

Urban Logistics helps planners make mobility of goods more efficient and sustainable.

Aggregate and anonymize logistics stakeholders data

Map available loading zones

Understand logistics patterns

Track logistics performance

Urban freight is responsible for up to 21% of global GHG emissions

Developed and implemented in more than 10 municipalities in France and Europe, Urban Logistics can help cities reduce emissions and contribute to their fulfillment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Understand patterns

Combining supply and occupation data of parking and loading zones, cities gain a full picture of local deliveries and are able to identify actions needed to improve traffic and delivery activity.

Plan through data

With Urban Logistics’ web platform and analytics, cities can take actions to mitigate traffic congestion. For example, our analyses contribute in limiting the number of double-parked vehicles and associated emissions by highlighting the congestion point and the need for loading zones.

Track results to increase agility and impact

Urban Logistics makes it easy to compare data over a set amount of time so you can measure the impact of actions taken and adjust policy measures as needed.


Combine multiple data sources to reveal hidden trends

Public and private data sources contribute to the tremendous amount of data generated by cities on a daily basis. Urban Radar aggregates these different data streams to enrich your understanding of patterns and trends behind big issues.