citizen's needs

Proximity-based planning for inclusive cities

Score your current 15 minutes city’s performance and identify potential equity gaps

A systemic transformation of our urban spaces and habits could reduce global greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions by 26% by 2030.

*IPCC Working Group III

How can I make a neighborhood more attractive for local resident? Are cultural offerings evenly distributed across neighborhoods?
Where should environmental actions be implemented? Do all neighborhoods have the same access to shops and services?
What are the priority areas for regional investments? Where is investment needed to remediate any medical and/or food deserts?
What services are missing in local areas? What locations should be incentivized to create business?
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400+ ready-to-use categories
of data

Open and spatial data aggregation from multiple sources in one place (public services locations, businesses, health and safety infrastructures, etc.)
to modify
Citizen Needs

take measures

Quick and instant look at your city offer

Catchment areas for shops and services, proximity score by category of needs


Ensure equal access to the city for all

Tool for comparing multiple areas such as neighborhoods and municipalities
Citizen Needs

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