citizen's needs

Proximity based urban planning to ensure inclusive cities

Score your current 15 minutes city’s performance and identify the equity gaps you may have


Make the 15 minute city concept tangible


Visualize your local services & businesses

Fire stations, garbage and recycling facilities, hospitals, police stations, public restrooms… Visualize and quickly identify inequalities in the access to social functions for your citizens
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Citizen Needs

take measures

Drive local economic growth

Citizen’s Needs gives economic development teams valuable insights into current activities and businesses within a given area


Improve territorial equity and sustainability

Identify services desert and support neighborhood-level planning strategies to guarantee equal access to goods and services.

Citizen Needs

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Identify local trends and make data-driven decisions

Fret impact

Build an understanding of freight patterns in your peri-urban logistics hubs


Reveal how curb space is allocated and used and highlight opportunities for improvement

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