Urban Radar actively seeks partnerships

To build better solutions, develop business, and increase impact.

At the core of an extensive network, we leverage data, technology, consultants, and project partners to create comprehensive, innovative solutions that enhance urban mobility, safety, and sustainability.

Data Partnership

Monetize your data with Urban Radar. We continuously monitor use cases from new data sources. We love talking about data!

Technology partnership

Monetize your technology with Urban Radar. We continuously promote sensors and technology innovations and applications. Tell us more about your technology

Consulting Partnership

Enhance your planning or marketing consulting services with enriched data insights from Urban Radar. Improve your proposal win rate, deliver better results faster and at a lower cost, giving you a competitive edge. Let’s collaborate on your next RFP! 

Project Partnership

We are a reliable partner in consortia for Horizon Europe, US federal grants, or any other complex project opportunities. We act as technology providers, subject matter experts and we can leverage our extensive partner network to strengthen project teams. Reach out to us to explore your project opportunity!