We are located in San Francisco and Paris.

We are building a smart city technology brick that aligns cities and private mobility operators.

We want to multiply the use of connected, shared and electric vehicles for everyone's benefit.

We focus on shared connected mobility. We believe the multiple operators will change the urban landscape because:

Data is now available to fully capture behaviors of goods and people

Technology enables to be smart and anticipate behavior

Shared small mobility revolutionalise the first/last mile constraints
Shared small mobility complements multi-modal public mass transportation

Our Team

Our team is made of: public private partnership expertise, public sector advisory, transportation and urban planning personnel, and all the necessary technology, data science, and artificial intelligence experts to deliver on our mission

We are global. We understand that one size does not fit all when it’s about cities. Urban landscapes are different, existing multi-modal networks are different, regulations and politics are different, people’s behaviors are different, citizen’s expectations are different.

Philippe Rapin

Philippe Rapin


Geoffrey Bir

Geoffrey Bir

Senior Developer

Corentin Ambroise

Corentin Ambroise

Full-Stack Developer

Nico Cahmi

Nico Cahmi

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