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Build an integrated and comprehensive shared mobility strategy

As stated in the Shared Mobility Principles for Liveable Cities, cities and mobility are planned together. At Urban Radar, we not only belive in this principal, but also have the technology solution to make it reality.

Our Shared Mobility Insights offers a full picture of the shared mobility landscape.

Mobility moves people and is also a sector in constant motion. With an increasing number of stakeholders, new mobility providers operating on their own contracts, and new modes of mobility emerging, it can be difficult for cities to measure specific impacts. .

Urban Radar’s Insights platform consolidates data from a wide-range of public and private mobility proviers to help cities to take a comprehensive look at their urban mobility strategy, measuring impacts and providing specialized analytics.

Analyse your shared mobility initiatives on a single platform.

Allow us to paint the full mobility picture so you can implement policy to improve your shared mobility program, ensure transit access, and boost sustainabillity.

Supervise shared mobility contracts

Our centralized data platform can automate alerts to efficiently manage contracts. Our personalized performance metrics allow for real time policy adaptation and contribute to the success of your shared mobility program.

Stay up-to-date and communicate

Our Shared Mobility Insights not only provides operators real time operational updates, but can also ingest or feed MaaS data to residents to send alerts or notify them of an upcoming event.


We know that data can be hard to get....

“Understand the impact of micro mobility….”