Our Solutions for Cities

Our Mission

We want to give cities access to the public and private data, to meet their societal goals of reducing congestion and improving air quality.

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Our Solutions

Our cloud-based software aggregates real-time mobility and infrastructure data into a platform for visualization, analytics and predictive features that unlock smarter decision making, optimized resource management and collaboration across fragmented solutions.

Understand Mobility

We help cities monitor and diagnose multimodal transportation patterns by aggregating mobility and infrastructure data into one unique smart city platform

Automated Compliance Management

We provide alerts and reports, and remove the need to allocate public sector resources to tedious contract management

Visualization and Analytics

We show management and transportation planning insights with a focus to improve safety and social inclusion


We use data science to recommend actions which help cities prioritize capital and operational projects to meet their safety, social inclusion, congestion or air quality improvement goals 

Modular Product

We offer a highly customizable data crossing and analytics solution, tailored to answer your unique needs and challenges as a city

Guidance concerning shared mobility procurement

Urban Radar offers public procurement advisory to cities for contracts concerning e-scooters, shared bikes, car sharing etc.