Our Solutions for Private Companies

Our Mission

Increase the shared mobility market volumes
by reducing the regulatory constraints.

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Our solutions

Because we are independent, our Insights platform enables each mobility provider segment,
like car-sharing, e-scooters or autonomous vehicles, to show its individual and collective impact
in a territory and transition to more favorable regulations.

Our platform,works with different products. Three of them have been designed to support your daily challenges and long-term development in urban logistics and business park management.


A third party independant technology to build an understanding of freigt patterns in your peri-urban logistic hubs while maintaining everyone’s data safe


Identify the location, measure the catchment area and measure the performance of your urban logistics hubs networks


Digitalize your curb to build an inventory of logistics loading zones and reallocate space to current needs

Want to now more about our products dedicated for private companies ?

Optimize Operations

We aggregate mobility and infrastructure data from operators: instead of competing for the existing market, work with your competitors to grow the market in the cities you serve

Visualization and Analytics

We cross your data with city life (accident reports, existing transportation infrastructure, construction data etc.) to help you improve you delivery time and client satisfaction


We use data science to recommend actions which help cities develop infrastructure and allocate dedicated lanes and loading zones for the mobility type you offer them

Modular Product

We offer a highly customizable product, tailored to answer your unique needs and challenges as a private mobility operator

Automated Compliance Management

We automate your contract management with cities and provide them with real-time status, letting you ditch the reports and focus on your fleet