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Digital tools to make streets safer, more dynamic, and deliver more value to residents and local businesses.

FlexCurb helps planners implement a more sustainable curb management system.

Administer a digital inventory of curb regulations

Analyze curbside activity

Respond to curb violations

Digitize and streamline logistics operations in real time

25% of freight parking operations are either on double lane or illegal

FlexCurb can help cities move towards a flexible curbside management to alliviate conflicts between stakeholders, improve traffic flow and create more value to local businesses.

The FlexCurb portfolio is composed of two products:

Driver App for operators

Planning Platform for cities

Digitize curb regulations

FlexCurb is a package of two digital tools that helps cities and logistics operators pilot and scale dynamic curb zones. It provides tools for the city to digitally govern the use of space, understand curb allocation and use, and plan interventions that align to your strategic goals.

Track curb activity

FlexCurb provides cities with intuitive and user-friendly analytics on the use of loading zones to understand how and by whom the curb is used. Thanks to this data, cities can take proactive steps for designing, prioritizing and monetizing curb space.

Improve day-to-day curb operations

Through the Driver App, operators can obtain real-time information about the availability of loading parking spaces and check-in, improving the efficiency of their operations.

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