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Urban planning made easier more sustainable and efficient

About us

Urban Radar offers data visualization and analytics, helping to inform cities’ decisions about all aspects of city life, from mobility to land use and the environment.

We also work with businesses to provide tailor-made inisights that help them improve operational efficiency, make strategic decisions and better align with city goals

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Hear what our clients have to say       

I am amazed by the capacity of the Urban Radar platform. You give us analyses never reached before and that we can immediately share for action both with our elected officials and the management of the road network.
Julie Hodez
Smart City Director - Versailles
I've never seen such modular and intuitive technology before.
Martin Skjold Grøntved
National Data Agency - Denmark

Solutions we build for and with the cities



Capital Investment

Urban Logistics

Shared Mobility


Urban Radar’s technology allows you to drag and drop your data. Data is not only shown geographically but also through clear and simple visualizations, allowing you revealing hidden trends and patterns.

We aim to make cities more efficient and greener with an intuitive and scalable product. No technical expertise necessary.

Our solution is tailored to your needs, whether it be curb management, mobility or sustainability.

Our platform also allows for analytics to be easily exported in either a PDF or PNG format so you easily share information with colleagues and external stakeholders.

Dynamic strategies, constantly improved through key-metric analysis. Urban Radar allows you to follow key policy indicators, measuring impact and allowing for real-time adjustments.

Urban Radar is the one-stop shop for a wide-range of stakeholders: city managers, elected officials, businesses, and consultants. 

Independent Third Party data.
European Sovereignity.
Intuitive and Scalable.
Safety & Security.