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Decide what can be done with your data

We follow rigorous data principles to ensure that your data is safe and only used for its expected purpose

Our data principles

Privacy by nature
We only use anonymized data.
Work with a trustworthy partner
We are independent and we do not follow any corporate or political agendas. You decide who we can share your data with.
Retain data sovereignty
Your data is stored and processed in isolated instances ensuring its sovereignty and ownership. We store your data only up to the extent of our work with you.
Compliant local servers
We comply with all local data protection regulations and we only store data in countries with strong data protection regulations in place. Our servers and databases are GDPR and CCPA compliant.
Security by design
We follow a tiered authentication security model so that access is granted only to authorized personnel.
State-of-the-art cloud
Our cloud servers comply with ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018, SOC 1/2/3, PCI DSS, and CSA STAR.

Data benefits everyone

We live in an amazing era where cities, operators, start-ups, and planners collectively build the mobility revolution. Data imbalances can impact social equity, safety, and sustainability – affecting our ability to attain important collective goals. We created Urban Radar to make sure urban data benefits everyone.

Philippe Rapin & Geoffrey Bir - Co-Founders